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The Shape of Water (2017)

A pretty picture and good music ... and nothing more. — Written by elPandator on 26.04.2018

Despite many Oscar nominations I was very disappointed by this film.

Good points :

- The image is beautiful, certainly, a good job on costumes and moods.

- The music is also good, that's a good point.

Bad point :

- The actors could be very good, they are in their other films, but unfortunately they play big "clichés" in this film.
The dumb who meets a creature who does not speak, the sensitive homosexual and artist who lives alone and is rejected by society, the strong black woman with a tender heart.
Argh, clichés clichés clichés ...

- The story is very predictable (in the first ten minutes...), it slows down when you have to go faster ; boring moments.
And it accelerates when you have to take the time ; the meeting and the taming between the girl and the creature is much too fast and breaks everything of the central idea of the film.

A good idea that becomes a simpleton story.

Too bad.

(sorry for my bad english by the way)

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