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Hidden Figures (2016)

Valorous women — Written by chrissnow on 21.02.2018

Excellent film on the story of three African American women who, in the years of racial segregation, make their way into the Nasa.
Katherine (Taraji P. Henson) is a brilliant math and together with her colleagues Dorothy (Octavia Spencer), unrecognized supervisor, and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae), an aspiring engineer, work at NASA.
We are in 1961, a racist and a bit of a bigot; they are three intelligent and ambitious African Americans and they will have to fight against prejudices (even or especially in a company like NASA) of their colleagues.
Wonderful film that makes one turn up the nose on the abuses to which people of color were subjected; separate bathrooms, distinct water fountains and many other restrictions for African Americans. In addition there is the race to send the first man in the space between the US and Russia to be the background (but not too much) to the story.
Katherine, with her great mathematical mind, will make a big contribution to the team involved in the first space flight captained by Al Harrison (Kevin Costner); he will have to fight with chief engineer Paul Stafford (Jim Parsons) who does not respect her at all. Instead Mary Jackson will have to struggle to win the right to become the first African-American engineer; with the arrival of the IBM 7090 computer it seems that for the color mathematics (which have a department in itself in the NASA) there is no more space but Dorothy sees it long and will start to study the programming language Fortran that will serve to program the computer and he will teach it to his collaborators to keep them out of work.
An intense, interesting film that thrills with the fight against racial prejudices but also with the steps forward to send the first man in space.
In the rest of the cast to quote Kirsten Dunst in the role of acid Vivian Mitchell, supervisor of the color group.

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