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Victor Frankenstein (2015)

Another Frankenstein movie — Written by chrissnow on 19.02.2018

Another version of the Frankenstein monster, this time seen from the point of view of Igor the assistant of Dr. Frankenstein.
Igor (Daniel Radcliffe) is a deformed clown working in a circus; when the scientist Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy) frees him from his imprisonment, Igor becomes his assistant.
To obstruct the two we find a detective from Scotland Yard, Turpin (Andrew Scott), a Catholic who then sees badly (to put it mildly) the experiments of Dr. Frankenstein.
Change the point of view of history, that of Igor that despite a brilliant mind, for his deformity was always seen as a person to be mocked; so it is a sort of redemption on his part that of giving a hand to a doctor even if the latter loses a bit of moral sense in the fury of his experiments.
The film is still interesting despite the story is very well known; chilling the first animal experiment of Victor, there is also space for the love story between Lorelai (Jessica Brown Findlay of "Downtown Abbey"), circus acrobat, and Igor with Lorelai who plays the part of Igor's good conscience. Igor is in fact is prey of doubts between the gratitude to Victor for having freed him from the imprisonment of the circus and the "morality" of his experiments.
In the rest of the cast to quote Charles Dance in the role of Victor's father.

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