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Spartan (2004)

As dry as movies go — Written by ratone on 18.01.2018

Spartan is a pretty interesting movie, not because of what it adds to the "kidnapped" thriller genre, but what it takes away.

Its as dry as movies go, there is no romance, eroticism, no bonding between characters, not even weapon/car admiration scenes. It's Val Kilmer's character on a straight track to get the girl back.

The idea, as it is, is that the rebel daughter of a politician was kidnapped by a international prostitution ring. Think Taken if the main character didn't gave a damn about the girl, himself, the world and everything else.

Kilmer is always a tough actor to love, and this movie sort of shows why. He looks pretty good in some scenes and pretty off in others, I don't entirely blame him because some of his lines are pretty out of character, specially when aimed at females. 90% of the movie he is a very cold and disconnected character, focused on the mission, but out of nowhere he drops some "Honeys" and "Baby"...

But it's refreshing to see a movie that sticks to a genre and tries it's best to deliver. Sure it may be a tough movie to find someone to watch with you, as there is no unecessary romantic scene.
The action scenes are pretty interesting and you got some twists here and there. I recommend it if you are a fan of more realistic action movies and don't mind a little bad acting here and there. If you tend to enjoy action/adventure movies for the "side servings" like cool cars, gadgets, weapon jerk-off you may end up disappointed

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