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The Cobbler (2014)

Wear other shoes — Written by chrissnow on 10.01.2018

Fair comedy with fantasy elements.
Max (Adam Sandler) is a shoemaker in New York, who leads a normal existence even if he is not fully satisfied with his life. He runs a small family shop where he repairs shoes and lives with his elderly mother.
At a certain point he discovers a magical sewing machine (family legacy) that allows him, wearing the shoes of the customers, to dress the clothes of other people.
Initially, Max behaves like a child; use the gift of the machine to get the best possible benefits. From eating in a restaurant without paying, to visit the girl of her dreams. But over time he will begin to develop a little consciousness, he will learn that this "hobby" can also be dangerous and will try to exploit the machine's powers to do good deeds.
Discreet movie, Adam Sandler does not excite me as an actor but is perfect for the role; in the first part you sometimes smile at Max's transformations, in the second a little more action with Max who gets into trouble.
In the cast to quote Steve Buscemi in the role of his friend barber Jimmy, Dustin Hoffman is the father who "abandoned" him, Ellen Barkin is the terrible Elaine Greenawalt.

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