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Equals (2015)

No Emotion — Written by chrissnow on 11.10.2017

Decent science fiction film.
We are in the future, in a society where sentiments have been banished (canceled) and human beings (if you can still consider them) live without experiencing emotions.
But a disease (seen as the plague and treated as such) arouses emotions that are now well-suited; the film focuses on Silas (Nicholas Hoult) who finds himself at the first stage of the disease. He falls in love with Nia (Kristen Stewart), who, unlike him, tries to hide the onset of symptoms.
Interesting is the idea of ​​treating feelings as a very serious infectious disease, but it is at times as slow as the spectator, like the protagonists, has to adapt to these new and upsetting sensations. At some point it is likely to become a Romeo and Juliet with a couple of quotes and not just that.
Discreet the finale in which the saying prevails: No one is stronger than love.
In the rest of the cast to be cited by Guy Pearce as Jonas, the one who introduces Silas into a kind of support group like Anonymous Alcoholics, Jacki Weaver is Bess.

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