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The Greasy Strangler (2016)

The greasy movie — Written by blublublu on 07.10.2017

A fucked up nihilistic greasy runaway on the dark side of the psyche: a bullshit artist movie with bullshit artists actors. If you don't like grease, what the f*ck scenarii, grease, killers, grease, insults, grease, rat-headed penises, grease, dancing, grease, disco, grease, and most of all ultra absurd humor, don't look at this. and oooooooh by the way: "what are these chips made from?"
Please suit your sexiest disco pink jacket and listen to disco music during 3 days at least before looking at this alien sh*tstorm movie.
Credibility accured by Sundance festival: the greasy strangler is the "sundance most what the f*ck movie of 2016"

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