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Saving Private Ryan (1998)

The movie that stuck with me — Written by droplul on 10.04.2015

Saving Private Ryan is one of the first movies that stuck with me.
It stuck with me for several reasons.

First of all the intensity of the start. I was about 14 years old when I first saw the movie. Being interested in WWII and having talked about it a lot with people who were in the war I was struck with the reality of the war. It actually happened and it was intense, it became more real to me.
Even though a movie is not what really happened and often more heroic than in reality I got the idea that I got the idea of the emotions that came with the war.

Secondly the movie stuck with me because the personal struggles of the soldiers all come together very well without losing their joint goal; to find Private Ryan. It is more than just a group of soldiers trying to find Private Ryan, it is a group of soldiers that is also trying to find out who they are themselves.

At the end of the movie every mini-story has ended. Some of the stories died with soldiers earlier in the movie, others end in the, partial finding, out who soldiers are to themselves.
The viewer is not left with any big questions about how the story continued after the war, no open end.

There are other smaller reasons why the movie stuck with me but these are the main ones. I would recommend this movie to other people, not only because of how it's crafted but also because of the joy of watching it.

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