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Futurama (1999)

One of my favorite TV Show.. — Written by renzokuken on 18.02.2014

One of the best animation show ever (along with The Simpsons). As always, it features a really stupid character (like H. Simpson, P. Griffin, S. Smith..) named Fry, in a lot of stupid situations. But what's original about Futurama is that, like the title suggests, it takes place in the future, allowing the story to go wherever it wants as it's not bound to a legit universe. It means that everything can happen, and good for us, it does.
The casting is incredible, and there is no character that you cannot love. The strong Leela, the Professor "Good news everyone"/"I don't want to live in this planet anymore" Farnsworth, the Chinese from March Amy Wong, the Jamaican bureaucrat lvl 37 Hermes Conrad, our beloved janitor Scruffy, a not very warm Mom, and my three favorites: stupid Fry, the weirdest doctor of all (cause he wears sandals) John "No one loves me" Zoidberg, and finaly, the best of all, the robot Bender Bending Rodriguez (because in the future, robots are the mexicans from today).
The all plot of the series lies on the fact that Fry, a delivery boy from the 20th century is frozen by accident and wakes up 1000 years later, in a strange future where he seems to fit better despite everything that could be scary for everyone else (the Suicide Booth for exemple).
The show always remain funny and actual, knowing how to renew itself. It was a great pleasure to follow their adventures through the years. :)
But why the Hell was it canceled?? I don't care, I'll create my own Futurama, with Black Jack and Hookers.
In fact, forget Futurama.. :)

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