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Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

A Tour de Force ... — Written by Solhanne on 01.02.2014

Beware - this contains spoilers.

A Tour de Force by Matthew McConaughey in the lead role as AIDS stricken Ron Woodroof carries this film. Not to mention a Oscar worthy performance by Jared Leto, as the cross-dressing Rayon.

Ron Woodroof is a homophobic trailer living electrician, when he tests positive for HIV. This being 1985, when the general public considered this the curse of the gay, his trailer trash friends instantly turns their backs on him. He now has the task of expanding his 30 days left to live. This develops into a fight with the FDA, due to the FDAs reluctance to release experimental drugs

Matthew McConaughey lost 47 pounds to play this role, so instead of his usually bulky frame, we get a man with hollow chins. This part is further confirmation of his newly established role, as one of the best actors in Hollywood today. His portrayal of Woodroof is full of charm, sorrow and intensity.

Equally as impressive acting display comes from Jared Leto, in the role of business partner Rayon. It's by far the best supporting role I've seen in a film from 2013.

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