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Documenteur (1981)

when images encountered words — Written by Circee on 15.12.2013

The action takes place in 1979. A woman, Emilie, and her eight year old son, Martin, is in Los Angeles looking for a house for shelter. She recently separated from her husband. This fiction has to écho « Mur Murs » documentary, shot at the same time. Agnès Varda alludes during a scene recording the voice of true documentary by Emilie Documenteur the main character.
The film is punctuated by the Emilia voiceover asks, asks us not to mention her real pain. Throughout the film there is sadness, but Emilie never speaks of her distress. These are her encounters that makes us appear.
Slow, some still shots, like Emilie back view, ocean front, in front of his typewriter and framed by the amounts of the window, made me think of some Asian movies where "Time takes his time" .
The mother-son relationship is extremely fair Emilie door all her affection to her son, Martin. with great modesty without speaking of her distress or pain of living. Agnès Varda shows us images that remain enigmatic. It will remain infinite sweetness, even in the expression of proven by this "separation" pain.

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