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Willow (1988)

The great adventure of a Peck — Written by Greymatter on 17.09.2013

Willow, a halfling that don't like his farming life, dreaming to be a great sorcerer finds one day a baby "daikini". This baby is said to be in the future, the cause of the fall of the evil queen Bavmorda. With this terrible responsability, Willow leave the village.

This one is one the earliest Fantasy movie. It was ambitious for the time, gathering such little mens and womens, such a great set-up. Ron Howard wanted to show that the courage, the greatness is not depending on the height of one. And it worked pretty well.

It aged a bit now, you can tell that some special effects are out of time but I watched so much time this movie as a child that the VHS tape was almost broke. We should mention the music of James Horner of course giving the movie a chilling atmosphere and makes a wonderful soundtrack. Now the movie is available on every support and it's good for the next generations to see it.
Of course you can't make a parallel with the Lord of the Rings because Tolkien was almost the great father of whole fantasy and the similarity between the Hobbit and the Nelwyn is obvious but that's ok. You can still see clearly the hand of Georges Lucas here and there for the direction, the actors and some ideas that only him could have.

You won't mess with acorn anymore after seeing this movie.

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