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L'imbalsamatore (2002)

L'imbalsamatore — Written by henryx on 21.02.2013

Peppino Profeta is a strange dwarf. He works as animals’ embalmer. His life is flat and monotonous, but occasionally he works for Mafia to get money for his vices. In a zoo meets young Valerio, animals lover and keen to learn the embalmer’s art.

Between the two men comes a deep and sincere friendship, an intense liason that will bring them together to share all kinds of experiences, to build a solid and visceral relationship of trust and complicity.
Through their daily contact with death, the two protagonists are able to perceive the true meaning of life, made of light-heartedness and smiles. The one becomes dependent on the other, their stability is certainty in their symbiosis visceral and emotional.
This union inevitably is split by a woman, Deborah: she is engaged to Valerio and has a child, taken him away from Peppino forever.

Peppino's affection towards Valerio is indeed a murky mix of love, jealousy and unbridled carnal attraction, so he try to remove Deborah in every way.
A tragic end, inevitable and predictable.

This is a strong and intense film, unequivocally noir, where cynicism feeds in any way the development of the story and characters that are paradoxically innocent.

Friendship here is an ambiguous feeling: it perceives immediately a dramatic aura, as the giant personality of the dwarf oppresses fragile and uncertain of Valerio, who is great only for its appearance.

Morbid, deliberately eerie and disturbing, always accompanied by the shadow of death, this movie transforms the current events in a romantic-aesthetic dimension based on the axiom between love and death.

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