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Il divo: La spettacolare vita di Giulio Andreotti (2008)

Il Divo — Written by henryx on 13.02.2013

An impenetrable mask and inevitably grotesque. A great enigma. This is Divo. This is “Il Divo Giulio”.

The film tells about the many shadows embodied by political Giulio Andreotti, a living symbol and enigmatic of the many Italy mysteries, referring to the Moro kidnapping, the collusion between politics and the Mafia, weaves political and financial involving the state, the Vatican and Freemasonry .

It is not only a historical film: the director tries to unravel the the most fascinating and enigmatic mystery: the one represented by the politician Andreotti and the man Andreotti. Try to recount psyche, to show skills and weaknesses and to hypothesize the inscrutable motivations.

Il Divo, however, is not just a film about Andreotti, but tells about power and a character who becomes an abstract symbol of a powerful closed in a mystery impossible to solve.

In sad and sumptuous halls of the Power, always dark illuminated by artificial light almost blinds, the events are reconstructed by flashback and combinations of characters.

Sorrentino is a visionary, a true director, attentive both to the cinema as audiovisual art as the story it tells, able to surprise with visual choices creative and bizarre. The music by Teho Teardo are opposed to the slow movements of protagonist, his silences, preferring to play with words.

Once again, the director works with Toni Servillo, one of the best actors of Italian cinema.

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