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Twin Peaks (1990)

About the mysteries of life and death — Written by marinaraujo on 19.12.2012

(USA - 1990~1991)

*** This review may contain spoilers. ***

Created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, Twin Peaks is an acclaimed TV series of the 90's. Starring Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer, Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, Ray Wise as Leland Palmer, Lynch himself as Gordon Cole, Dana Ashbrook as Bobby Briggs, Lara Flynn Boyle as Donna Hayward, Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey Horne, Mädchen Amick as Shelly Johnson, Eric DaRe as Leo Johnson, Frank Silva as BOB and Kenneth Welsh as Windom Earle, it had two seasons, the first with 7 episodes and the second with 22 episodes.

The story starts with the brutal murder of Twin Peaks' favourite daughter, Laura Palmer, in unknown circumstances. She's found dead, wrapped in plastic, in the river which passes nearby the town. Then, a Special Agent of the FBI, Dale Cooper, is designed to investigate the case. But nothing is what it seems in Twin Peaks, that's what Cooper finds out, as he discovers many other mysteries connected to the death of the girl, mysteries which will take him to a place "both wonderful and strange".

What is special about Cooper's investigation method is that it's all driven by images he's seen in a dream, where Laura tells him who killed her, though he can't remember the killer's name. He also finds out that the gum he likes is going to "come back into style", as what is said by a strange dwarf who wears a read suit, called The Man from Another Place (also referred as the Dream Man). This dream takes place in somewhere called the Black Lodge, the obsession of Cooper's early mate Windom Earle, a place where time runs in different scales and with inhabitants who sometimes visit the real world. Possessing the knowledge about the Lodge and how it works means controlling the path of whoever enters it.

The series finale episode is one of the most intriguing scenes the television has ever shown, leaving to the audience more questions unsolved than answers. Nonetheless, it is a very good ending because it allows us to deduce what would happen afterwards. For me, particularly, it is awesome that the series didn't end in a convetional way (well, what could I expect from Lynch? Haha), it has no happy ending, but it fits well, considering that one important point of the series is to show life has mysteries no one can understand.

The soundtrack of the series, created and conducted by Angelo Badalamenti, is also awesome. It helps creating a nostalgic, dreamy atmosphere. The opening song is a classic, but my favourite track is probably Dance of the Dream Man.

If you haven't watched Twin Peaks and like policial/mystery shows, you definetely should. It's different from anything else you've seen. Lynch and Frost created an unique piece which has touched an entire generation and will, surely, touch you as well.

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