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Shinboru (2009)

When Angel Penises Interfere with Mexican Wrestling — Written by fungus on 15.08.2011

A Japanese man wearing bright yellow pajamas with polka dots awakes and finds himself trapped in a white, empty room with no windows or doors. Angels and cherubs emerge from the walls and go back again leaving only their little penises sticking out of the walls. The man soon discovers, that touching the penises leads to various items magically appearing. Some of them even open gates in the walls for a very short period of time. In combination these items eventually may lead to an escape. Meanwhile in Mexico a masked wrestler known as Escargot Man is preparing for an important fight.
Wow, what a movie. Yes it sounds crazy and it is. It‘s quite some time since I was baffled by a movie as I was by this one and it is very likely you won't have seen a similar movie so far. Matsumoto not only wrote an incredibly funny and very original script and directed this movie in an awesome way (especially the mexican sequences), he also plays the main character and does some great slapstick worthy of a Buster Keaton. The ending of the movie is very poetic and leaves room for a wide range of interpretations.
A weird, weird, weird movie, but in the best way there can be (at least for me). I just loved every second of it.

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