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One Hour Photo (2002)

One Hour Photo — Written by Ellergy on 20.07.2011

One Hour Photo respectfully deserves its place in the psychological thriller genre for various reasons. It features Robin Williams as you have never seen him before, playing a mentally disturbed man 'Sy' in such a ambiguous way that you can't help but to feel sympathy towards the character (This also won Williams a Saturn Award).

The movie in itself is visually beautiful featuring a palette with lots of white contrasted with bold colors especially red (has lots of similarities with 2001: A Space Odyssey in my opinion.) This is manifested in the scene where blood flows out of the eyes of an all-white Sy against an all-white backdrop.

The storyline reaches the climax at an evenly spaced-out pace. This movie had me gripped from the start to the end, and had my feelings in a constant twist. The scariest of all was that even at the end I couldn't honestly say if I despised or sympathized with Sy and what he did.

This is a movie that everyone who has even felt lonely, angry or revengeful for that matter, can relate with. Anyone who appreciate beautiful movie stills and who enjoys a good thriller.

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