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Pina (2011)

The 3D expression of a philosophical desire, legalized by music — Written by coolathlon on 30.04.2011

How to make the world change by this movie must've been the question Wim Wenders posed to himself when coming up to make a movie aboub the work of Pina Bausch.
In the end he made the room behind the screen avaioable for the viewer. The enormous need of dancing for space got caught in a smooth and enjoyable 3D camera work.
After a "we make dance theater" preparation with shoveling earth on a stage, the show starts. But not it is show but the need of expression through movement that is shown. Between several main parts we get a liht of what work with Pina Bausch was like for the other members of her troup. We have 2D cinema, too; dancing on the streets, on rock, mountain, in train, with a pity pillow beaten up and eye-stabbed by a hairy robot monster.
In a dance theater one would expect to get something like a ballet movie, but we were given something, more like a documentation of expressionistic movement. An that is what makes movies great: Getting in touch with it, feeling it, being enlightened. In a way it's the opposite of Det sjunde inseglet: There one thinks about and with Death, here' shown the joy of life, of what we can. The end even is a citation of the Bergman movie.
The only downer may be the length. After some time you jut expect something new in the next scene, which in the outcome isn't that unexpected.
Still, this is the first movie that knows how to use the 3D technique and deserves to be watched as it gived our all-beloved medium a new important part.