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Clue (1985)

Not Like Anything You've Seen — Written by Xeniteone on 18.06.2009

The hard part about making a movie based off of a board game is that there's no blueprint. You have all the responsibility of portraying the movie faithfully, but there's no real story or plot or dialogue for you to base your work off of. I suppose that the makers of the movie Clue decided that they didn't need anything like that, and just went their own way. And thank goodness they did because they made what is one of my personal favorite movies of all time. The characters are all there; Mr. Green, Mrs. White, Ms. Scarlet, etc, and there definitely is a murder (several, in fact), but the comedy that was produced after that little bit of kindling is above par in every way. What really moves this film are the one liners. Madeline Khan is hilarious as Mrs. White, the woman with a philandering (dead) husband and a rage problem. Tim Curry as the butler is priceless because of his wit, but simultaneous smarmy-ness. Each one of the actors brings something to the role, and make it memorable. Watch all three endings on the DVD to appreciate the strengths of each one. If you haven't seen this movie, go out and rent it if you want to laugh and reminisce about the great movies they used to make in the 80's.

My favorite part: When The Butler gives his summing up of the murder(s), and finds it necessary to send the cast running all around the mansion.

Honorable mention: I... am.... your singing telegram! *GUNSHOT*

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