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Commando (1985)

I eat Green Berets for breakfast — Written by scottp on 12.05.2010

If you want to be emotionally moved watched Armageddon. If you want to be terrified watch Troll 2. If however, you want to watch a heavily muscled man push a hot pole of steam through another man's chest then this is the 1985 film for you.

The plot moves at a breathtaking pace. We learn that a seemingly happy father and daughter live in a countryside paradise. The daughter Jenny wishes to escape to the big city and away from her protective father John Matrix played by Arnoldeneger. Her salvation comes when a group of retired soldiers lead by the Bennet offers her another way of life. John Matrix isn't the type of man to let this happen so goes on a rampage of violence to confront the Bennet.

Director Mark L. Lester (who would later gain huge industry admiration in 2005 for Pterodactyl starring the irresistible Coolio) never let's the script get bogged down with complex character building or narrative developments. There is no time for such distractions in this movie.

Some people criticize this film for only catering for the male viewer. They can't look past the tanned, bulging muscles of Arnoldeneger as he sprays bullets from his large weapon or the way the Bennet wears his moustache and chain mail vest with such pride. This film is about men being men, real men doing whatever it takes.

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