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Robin Hood (1973)

Robin Hood - A review in sonnet form. — Written by OhLookBirdies on 12.04.2010

In order to keep up the old English atmosphere, I have written this review as a Shakespearean sonnet. Enjoy!

In Sherwood forest lived a noble fox,
Who robbed the rich so he could feed the poor.
The righteous king was trapped and under locks,
With burly men to guard his prison door.

So now the country sighed under Prince John,
Whose henchmen squeezed the common people out.
And ‘though the Merry Men were frowned upon,
They fed the people damaged by this lout.

But this is still a Disney, as we know,
So happy endings cannot be escaped.
Maid Marian is married to her beau,
The king returns, the country is reshaped.
And so we end the story of our fox,
I hope you now remember that it rocks.

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