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Moon (2009)

Moon — Written by Deviant on 18.01.2010

First of all, Duncan Jones's debut feature film is awesome. Also he seems to be a nice guy to hang around with (watch his appearance in Robert Llewellyns "CarPool" show). I see great potential in him and look forward to his next, very promising project "Source Code".

I love it when SciFi films really give you the feeling of remoteness and "Moon" is exactly that: One guy alone on the moon, watching over some helium-3 harvesters with nobody else to talk to except for a computer with limited expressions who "just want's to help". A very friendly version of HAL 9000.
Some would say, "Wait! Over one hour movie with just one person hangin' around on a moon base doing nothing?" Well, no. It's a movie, so stuff happens. But I don't want to spoil anything. It is indeed a very slow movie (that's how science fiction should be) and you still get to see only this one actor over the whole movie, not mentioning a few persons he only sees on screen once in a while. But don't let that stop you from watching it.

Since this movie had a very limited budget it doesn't look as perfect as, let's say, Star Trek. When you look closely you can see some metal is actually made out of wood and the scenes on moon's surface look a bit odd, but apart from that they did a great job. It's not that important anyway and there is still a huge amount of possible high score WTM-shots in this movie ;)

Also Sam Rockwell should get an Oscar for his stunning performance. But as this is an independent movie, Sony Pictures was not interested in sending a copy to the Academy, saying it wasn't released in the US yet (WTM-folks are aware of that) and they don't want it to leak on the internet. Well, good joke, assholes.

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