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Blood Diamond (2006)

Flawless — Written by rabbisanta on 18.01.2010

This film is a flawless gem worthy of many awards. It's set in Sierra Leone, considered by the State Department to be one of the most dangerous places on earth and the place where many journalists trying to tell their story have died doing it. Leonardo diCaprio is at his very best, extremely convincing playing a mercenary in the midst of this horrendous, bloody, warring mess. The background on the corruption of the diamond trade, which is the heart of this tale, is integrated perfectly. Edward Zwick who directed "Glory" so well has done it again here, giving so much feeling to this movie yet keeping the pace and excitement at a peak. Djimon Housou ("In America") is haunting and should get best supporting actor as the poor fisherman who is forced into labor in the diamond fields, finds and loses the precious pink rock and fights to recover it against all odds to try to save his family and his son. Jennifer Connelly is the daring, beautiful journalist trying to uncover the truth about those behind the "conflict diamond" trade. It's stunning in its brutally, honest look at the poverty and politics of Africa, certainly worthy of Best Film of the year, Best Direction, Best Actor, Supporting Actor, Editing, Screenplay and Cinematography. Don't miss it, it really delivers a punch, politically, emotionally and for a story that needs to be told.

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