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Snatch. (2000)

My name's Turkish. Funny name for an Englishman. — Written by OhLookBirdies on 21.11.2009

Sometimes in life, you will stumble upon something so perfectly made, so utterly brilliant in every aspect, so completely flawless, it's like finding an eighty six carat diamond inside a dog. Snatch is one of those gems.

Just for the record, I'm not saying Snatch is the perfect film. But I am saying that there is nothing that could be changed about it to make it better in its own frame of reference. To clarify my point, imagine it's a 90 carat rough diamond. No matter how expertly you polish and grind it, it will never be a 200 carat diamond. But you can get a fantastic 86 carat diamond if you play your cards right.

The cast is jaw-droppingly good. Benicio del Toro, Jason Statham, Alan Ford, Brad Pitt, Robbie Gee, Vinnie Jones... The list goes on, and every single one is in top form. Brad Pitt outshines this collective glowing pool of acting abilities though, and stands tall as a lighthouse over all. Personally, I'd say his portrayal of gypsy boxer Mickey is the best thing he has ever done.

The story is fantastic. It's the kind of Spaghetti Junction mess that doesn't make sense when you're in the middle of it, but looks perfectly clear when considered from a distance, or in this case at the end of the film. The action scenes are incredibly well done, and trust me, there's enough violence in this to keep even the most hardened psychopath happy. Well, except maybe for Charlie Manson. But he's a freak.

And of course, not unimportantly, the entire film is fucking hilarious. I have seen Snatch at least a dozen times, and I still can't stop laughing whenever I watch it. The dialogue, the slapstick, the complete and utter absurdism of some scenes, it all adds up to a big truckload of hilarity.

So yeah, all in all, Snatch is one of my favourite films ever. Let me finish this on a warning note, though. If you watch this, you WILL end up quoting it in every conversation you have for the next 3 days, at least.

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