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Drag Me to Hell (2009)

Microcredit — Written by hodder on 31.10.2009

An old gypsy lady enters a bank to ask for a loan in order to save her house from being taken by greedy bankers. Unfortunately Christine, the young accountant, denies her the money because she has to prove to her boss that she can make tough decisions. Which is important for being promoted. The perspective of not getting the money and losing her house makes the old lady seriously angry. She puts a very nasty curse on poor Christine. Being hexed she will now be molested by an evil demon for three days before finally being dragged to hell. With the help of a psychic she tries to get rid of the curse and escape from spending the rest of her days in hell…

The storyline is boring and foreseeable to the end, which does not come as a big surprise. The idea to end the curse the psychic comes up with in the end is so incredibly simple, that we ask ourselves why they did not think of it earlier. The answer is easy — it would have ended the film after twenty minutes.
Nevertheless does director Sam Raimi deliver a nice piece of work, not outstanding but nice. The effects are all right, the actors do quite a good job and there are some funny moments. Especially the scenes when the demon refuses the sacrificial kitten and when he enters a goat. ---SPOILER: And of course when Christine is eventually being dragged to hell! — She didn´t really deserve it, though. SPOILER END---

By the way, the old lady is so shockingly disgusting that nobody would have given her even the smallest loan.

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