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Out for Justice (1991)

His better Days — Written by hodder on 12.10.2009

Gino Felino (Steven Seagal) is chasing a brutal mobster, who is on some kind of murderous kamikaze-tour through New York. Still young, tough and very good at doing his Aikido stuff, Seagal rolls trough the streets of Brooklyn, mutilating and killing crooks. Both he and his opponent kill numerous people on their way, steadily rising the body count. This probably gave the film its German title "Das Brooklyn Massaker" ("The Brooklyn Massacre"). It´s not quite clear if it is Seagal or his nemesis signing responsible for the massacre. Probably both. Though Seagal being a cop has justice on his side. To the spectator it might seem more like a vigilante thing that Steven is into. Yet this being a typical early 90s action Seagal-flick (just the kind we love!) we don't really care about morals or political correctness, do we? NO! We want bone breaking Aikido moves, Seagal-inflicted pain, violence and action. We get it! So if you only know today´s fat and slow Schwabbel-Steven ("Wobbling-Steven"), please, give this man a chance and watch some of his older works. "Out for Justice" (1991) really is a good one from his better days.

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