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Sunshine (2007)

"Stunning. Already a classic" — Written by Deviant on 15.09.2009

This was the first thing that came to my mind, when the credits rolled up. I watched this movie 1 year before the official release in Germany on the Fantasy Filmfestival and it surpassed all the other films I saw there. Now, after watching it like ten times already, it's still one of my favorite movies ever.

Why I love it so much? Because it gives me everything I like about science fiction and movies in general. The whole visual experience and sound design, the remoteness in space and the sun, the fucking sun! I tell you it definitely IS hot, you can almost feel it. Also the story is really well written. Just when you think it's alright, it gets worse and every character gets his moment in the movie and little mistakes have big consequences.

It has one big flaw of course and that should be the reason for the average rating on IMDb and WTM. I won't spoil anything but part of the third act is a huge disappointment and I can understand people giving the movie low ratings because of this. At this part, the movie is just a random SciFi flick (still looking awesome tho). But for me, I see it as a loud commercial break, not related to the movie at all. Just Ignore it, do something else, then come back to see a beautiful ending. Luckily this "commercial break" doesn't last very long, so don't judge the whole movie on it.

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