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Singin' in the Rain (1952)

Make 'em Laugh Make 'em laugh Make 'em Laugh! — Written by random12345 on 25.11.2023

Many have said this is the greatest musical ever made. That's only half the story. It' the greatest musical AND dance movie ever made.

Gene Kelley and Donald O'Connor produce some of the most incredible dance scenes ever caught on film. O'Connors "Make 'em Laugh" routine is beyond words, and has to be seen to be believed. It's not JUST dance, it's a magical movement of his entire body that defies explanation.

The movie itself is laugh-out-loud funny. The cinematography and color choices create an a world onto itself that's not afraid to escape from reality for just a short period of time. The movie is absolutely beautiful.

Jean Hagen creates a brilliant "dumb blonde" character, who's not quite as dumb as you think she is.

Singing in the Rain is set in a world that quickly goes from silent film, to the talkies. Not the best plot in the world, but is more than made up for by everything else, the singing, dancing, physical comedy, and performances of the entire cast.

For that reason it's a movie that doesn't wear out as you've seen it before. You'll see something new every time you see it.

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