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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

Star Trek at its best. — Written by random12345 on 08.10.2023

A spectacular performance by Ricardo Montalban, who was very proud of his muscular and chest development for the role of the "genetic superman" of Khan.

The film has much focus on aging, renewal, sacrifice, and revenge, with literary and cultural references scattered through the film. The plot revolves around an old super-villain and his quest to seek revenge on James T Kirk, who he believes wronged him 15 years earlier.

This movie is mostly driven by space battles and conflict. The two main characters of Khan and Kirk never actually meet in person, so it can feel a bit like two men fighting each other over TV screens.

The costumes designed for the crew of the Botany Bay are among the most creatively and best designed in film, and add to the atmosphere of people left to use the scraps left to them to survive in a harsh environment for 15 years.

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