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The Social Network (2010)

Hollow Man — Written by lezard on 03.09.2023

Can you picture Donald Trump promoting mutual understanding, sharing, with a special touch of subtlety and delicacy, or Poutine promoting the woke culture, brotherly love for the homosexuals and peace for neighbouring countries ?
Well, this tour de force was nevertheless achieved by Mark Zuckerberg, due to his genius for computing. He created a network based on the sharing of private life and the promotion of friendship. BUT … we don't know anything about his private life, if he has any (thanks you for setting an example!), he is a reknown sociopath without a real friend. And he sells conviviality and togetherness ! Bravo !

The movie tells about the beginning of his amazing success. The film is brilliant and surprisingly thrilling. The challenge was great : how can you render the story of people in front of their computers with no real life whatsoever interesting ? Fincher passes the test with flying colors. He could possibly film painting drying and make it worth a watch.

What is a bit scary is what the movie tells about us and the epoch we live in.
First there is the main character. Okay, you can think all this is cool, awesome, but the « hero » is a real asshole, a laughable jerk! He may look moving to a teen, due to his « nice » depressing, « I'am all lost » antisocial character but his sensibility is close to that of an oyster !

His girlfriend, to whom he talks like s..t, with arrogance and scorn, dumps him. What does he do ? Call her a bitch on the internet. The emotional reaction of an 8-year old whimsical, angry child !
His best « friend » ? He betrays him miserably.
His college «mates ». He steals their idea, once again because according to him they only accepted him in the lobby of their club and not inside. The poor thing is upset. And you know what ? We don't care because they are also arrogant pricks who think they are the crown of creation just because they come from wealthy families and are in Harvard.
Sean Parker who talks Mark into moving to California ? A hipster mostly interested in girls and parties and whose conversation reveals an unfathomable void. He turns to be as afraid of the Police as a little boy !
As to girls, they are in the background, stupid for the most part, chosen for their good looks and only interested in getting laid with boys if they are famous or rich or both. A fantastic step for feminism !

And they embodied the dream of a whole generation ? HELP !

Zuckerberg is now one of the 10 richest men on the planet and still doesn't know how to live. He has achieved the heist of the century : People give him from free what he sells for gold. Oh yes, rob me please !!
Since the arrival of Facebook, has conviviality, sharing, mutual understanding and friendship made huge progress ? See for yourself. Millions of people wouldn't say hello to their neighbour but are so proud to have a Facebook friend in Hong Kong or Calcutta !

As To Donald Trump, his only merit is that he shows what he really is, a whimsical, racist, sexist, ignorant would-be dictator. The worst thing being that it works. We really have the politicians we deserve.
Fincher should think about his biopic. It would make him interesting for two hours.

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