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La grande bellezza (2013)

The Great Beauty's tree... and the forest behind — Written by Simzilla on 27.01.2023

In front of Jep Gambardella, Roma and its great beauty. Behind Jep and Roma, a paralysing atmosphere built with mundanities, classy boredom, and a sense of unfinished.

This atmosphere is disguised behind Roma’s timeless appeal and Sorrentino’s pleasing light. The whole movie seems to be a declaration of love to Roma (the closing credits along the Tevere confirms it).

It is also disguised by the Italian phlegm and class of Jep, by the odness of his life and by his eventful nights.

However, the dichotomy is clear. Each time he wakes up, Jep is alone, getting older while he thinks about his first love and first novel, both reminding him happier days.

Still this movie makes you want to speak Italian, dress well and live in Italy.

In that way, as a very young and inexperienced cinephile, this film reminded me of Fellini’s 8 ½ . Women, childhood and religion (spirituality) are taking a huge place in the main character’s philosophy. Poetic landscapes and powerful monuments both gives the character a great stature while reminding him of his human condition : you’re barely someone against the strength of time and History.

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