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The Big Lebowski (1998)

Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, uh, my opinion, man. — Written by MauricioHornek on 08.01.2021

Nearly perfect. Every time i watch this i find something new, and the dude is one of my favorite characters ever (and Jeff Bridges is one of my favorite actors ever, so it's a double treat). The script is so good, the humor, the characters, the randomness, it's one of those movies pretty much every line of dialogue is quotable. The cherry on top of the white russian drink for me is that it has Moondog on the soundtrack. Really, how not to adore this?

My only problem with this is Steve Buscemi's character. Why does he even exist? Not only I dislike his interruptions in conversations (which I know are made for laughs and must work for a lot of people), I also dislike (Spoilers ahead, until the end of this paragraph) his sudden death at the end, which has no purpose in the movie - although I love the ashes spreading scene. Still, he's not on screen too much, but it keeps me from giving it 10.
(End of Spoilers)

I think Fargo will always be my favorite Coen's, it's a really special film for me, but this is easily my second favorite. Uhm, along Barton Fink. And Raising Arizona. And Blood Simple. Ah, screw it.

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