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Volver (2006)

Volver - a choral movie dedicated to women, memory and family — Written by Voltumno on 11.10.2020

In certain ways, Volver is the quintessential Almodovar movie. Stylized choices that almost get you into camp territory; tight, intellectual cinematography; gorgeously intense color design and a highly expressive, character-focused cast: all the trademarks of the Spanish director are there. Yet, there is something Volver has that Almodovar's films generally lack: restraint. This movie is full with a sublimated, rarefied quality that speaks of longing, nostalgia, and memory. It allows you to explore this universe of women so tightly wound up in a world of ghosts, visions, desires and dreams that the line between actual events and their inner lives become blurred, fluid, and ultimately irrelevant. This is a picture that drenches the return of the past, the mingling of life and death and love, into the hyper saturated tones of beautiful Spain. It is a gentle experience, a story that blooms from violence only to illuminate a landscape of tender affections between women, each and every one of them immersed in her personal tragedy, weaving her private joy, doing the best she can. It is the cast of the main actresses that truly elevate the script, irradiating the movie with a sense of emotional authenticity truly rare and genuinely precious. Carmen Maura and Penelope Cruz are particularly noteworthy, their performances widely praised and internationally recognized as masterpieces of poignancy. It is a highly recommended film, a beautiful cinematic experience that will leave you with sweet memories to go back to, yourself.

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