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Total Recall (2012)

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  • Written by bertraccoon on 16.02.2014

    The earth is after a major global catastrophe at the end of the 21st Century almost completely uninhabitable.
    Only in two areas, the human can life: the "United Federation of Britain', in the northern part of Europe and on the "colony" in the former Australia. In the colony the ordinary workers people lives, while in the Federation, the ruling class with their leader Chancellor Cohaagen pursues its ways and tried a group of resistance fighters from the colony to fight. Doug Quaid is one of many workers who must of necessity commute between the two areas. The only way to get to the other side , there is the so-called "case" . This is a kind of elevator , which runs across the globe. One day he begins himself to question whether this is all so expect his life. He decides to add some variety to ensure and visited the company "Recall", which offers its customers experience ever reminders , according to your wishes . Hardly connected to the machine, suddenly everything got out of hand and Quaid becomes hunted the Federation ...

    Total Recall in 1990, is today regarded rightly as an Arnie classic. The director Len Wiseman is himself an avowed fan of the sci-fi action and is therefore likely to have had a pleasure to film a remake. He waived a 1:1 adoption and brings added many changes and innovations. The scene he moves, for example, from Mars to the territories of the Federation and of the colony. Thus he brings the action closer to the present day. A dash of social criticism is noticeable because of the conflict between the rich minority to the poor, the oppressed majority. "The Fall" in addition to the venues is another well-done innovation. The "ground lift " transported in a very short time, the passengers. At high speed across the Earth's core Wiseman takes but also the time for small homages to the original film , such as the appearance of the triple-breasted woman. Visually presented Total Recall, very dark and gloomy. This fits very well with the scenario of a broken world. The style is somewhat reminiscent of "Blade Runner ", which is mainly in the design of the colony significantly. There exists a similar darkness and heavy rain. A big contrast to the United Federation of Britain. Len Wiseman stages his remake of beginning a rapid pace. In the first scene, there is a brilliant chase with weapons use. This speed is also reflected in the further course of the film. The action scenes are engaging, and accompanied by a propulsive score. Exciting and varied chases the action fan gets to see. With so a fireworks display is clear that one can not expect deep acting and philosophically sophisticated characters. Colin Farrell, who plays the part of Schwarzenegger can convince in his role. He plays Quaid as confused and vulnerable types, unlike action star Arnie. Yet He creates a physical presence, without having to make but in the foreground. As an helpmate we see Jessica Biel, who does her job very neat. On the side of Quaid 's are Achern we have two people. The physical part is here played by Kate Beckinsale, who pursued rennend and shooting the wanted. "Beaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston takes very convincingly the role of the Chancellor Cohaagen. Sorry, falls from his role not very big here Wiseman would calm him can give more screen time . Finally convinced the cast completely within their means. With the remake of "Total Recall" Len Wiseman has done a very good job. The movie buff gets a dark, consistent and fast-paced sci-fi Action served which convinces with staging and optics.

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