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The Truman Show (1998)

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  • Written by swarley_dude on 14.01.2010

    This film made everyone look twice at their surroundings for at least a week after viewing. I live my life by this movie. I always think; if my life were a TV show would people want to watch, and I do what I can to keep up the ratings. Jim Carrey first showed his thespian prowess in this film and moved away from slapstick humor which he has since returned to. He is one of the funniest actors ever but also a great actor in general as seen in this film. Great plot, acting, direction, story, you name it, this movie is a best.

  • Written by deleted user on 10.01.2010

    All is well in the life of Truman Burbank. He has a house, a wife, a job, a car, a need to pursue happiness. He's living the American Dream. To his amazement he one day leaves his house and is nearly hit by a headlamp, fallen from the sky bearing the name "Sirius" on it, a star in the night sky. Truman slowly starts to realize that the town he lives in is far too perfect to be credible. Odd things happen, which so often prevent him from venturing beyond the limitations of this "perfect world", a man shows up claiming to be his late father, only to be instantly taken away by passers-by.
    Truman desperatly tries to flee this "utopia", not knowing what might lurk beyond the artificial horizon.

    Christof is the creator and director in Truman's world. What he wills to happen, does happen. He decides who Truman falls in love with, what opportunities and disappointments he will encounter, who his friends are and what his limitations are.
    In his hubris Christof almost acts like an oblivious divinity in Truman's world, all for the sake of revenue.

    Peter Weir's thought-provoking take on reality TV paints a grim and appaling picture of modern day entertainment. Released in 1998 it only had to critisize the infancy of the mindless genre that aims to please the intellectually deprived. It aimed to air a dire warning to what the audience lowers itself to: Taking pleasure in the fears, ambitions, longings and failures of a human being that is too inept to realize what's happening to them.
    It also raises the question of what is more preferable: A horrible truth, or a beautiful lie?

    The Truman Show achieves something that most movies struggle to do. It gets the audience to reflect on themselves and get them thinking about reality-crazed programmes like Big Brother and co. The images of the Show's devout viewers will provide a mirror for many.
    This movie also established Jim Carrey as a credible actor, rather than a mere comedian.

    Watch it, but beware! You may find yourself to be a true devotee of the Truman Show!

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