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The Stoning of Soraya M.(2008)

  • Genre:
    • Crime
    • Drama
  • Director:
    • Cyrus Nowrasteh

A drama set in 1986 Iran and centered on a man, Sahebjam (Caviezel), whose car breaks down in a remote village and enters into a conversation with Zahra (Aghdashloo), who relays to him the story about her niece, Soraya (Marnò), whose arranged marriage to an abusive tyrant had a tragic ending.


Written by ocsd on 08.04.2014

An Iranian wife, and mother of four, Soraya, lives a humble life in a small village in Iran. Despite her loyalty to her husband, he demands a divorce so he can take another wife. Soraya refuses his request for the divorce. So, he, along with a couple conspirators, accuses her of adultery-a crime pun

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