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The Kingdom (2007)

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  • Written by rabbisanta on 18.01.2010

    I would ask you to take your critic's hat off when watching The Kingdom. No, this is not a thought compelling thesis on the political wasteland that is the Middle East. If you are approaching this film as you would Syriana, you will be sorely disappointed. Like many of you, I do critique films but I chose not to do so with this one considering it is another Jamie Foxx action drama much like "Stealth." This film is similar to another politically incorrect action thriller "Executive Decision." Sure, the movie doesn't blatantly seek to adopt the action thriller label like Executive Decision or Rambo III but that's essentially what this film is. It's a heart pumping action thriller in which villains are stereotyped.There is a nice sense of voyeurism in which you feel that sensation of fear as Iraquis are watching you just waiting to take you out. This film is loads of fun on this level. I'm assuming most can distinguish the purpose of this film versus one like Babel. I'm not disagreeing with the reviews below. In fact, I agree with them. However, I do disagree that this film can't be enjoyed on a very Schwarzenegger level.

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