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The Hunger (1983)

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  • Written by Voltumno on 08.10.2020

    Admittedly, this is not a very good movie. Its plot is meandering and ill-paced, the ending is questionable, the characters not particularly well delineated, the eroticism a little (or a lot) shallow and self serving. Yet, it has one merit: its aesthetic, the very embodiment of the core Goth experience. The film is practically drenched in dark, brooding, macabre tones, all rendered through a urban horror lens and elevated by the sheer, unfiltered sex appeal of the main actors (Bowie, Deneuve and Sarandon really give it their all, shortcomings of the script notwithstanding). Ultimately, to enjoy this movie it is required to take it as if it was a feature-length music video, effective in portraying a certain mood, but that can be asked nothing much deeper than that. I would say it is a recommended view only if you are interested in its lasting influence over the Goth subculture. Otherwise, it makes great background for a Vampire - the Masquerade RPG session!

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