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Streets of Fire (1984)

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  • Written by random12345 on 17.09.2023

    Walter Hill produce this unique noir in 1984 when nobody thought about doing a noir. Set in an indistinct time with a mix of different genres, the movie feels like it's part comic book, part rock-and-roll musical, part action film.

    Brilliant direction by Hill, the best parts of this movie is the feel, gritty dialogue, and incredible visuals. This isn't a movie that's afraid to be a movie. You feel utterly transported into a world that feels like a parallel universe of different places, times, and characters jumbled together into a world that both feels familiar and strange at the same time.

    A box office bomb at the time, this is a movie to watch for anyone who loves, and is interested in movies and movie making. For everyone else, it's still a wild ride, and well worth a watch.

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