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Shrek (2001)

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  • Written by deleted user on 06.08.2010

    What can they have in common: a taciturn keeping away from people huge green ogre and too sociable, talkative, grey donkey? Do not expect a surprise answer: not much or maybe even nothing. So why do they set off together to release an imprisoned princess? It is difficult to show the donkey's motivation but in Shrek's case it is simple: at least a tone of fairy tale characters who show up at his private possession and disturb his peace and quite. The only solution seems to be princess Fiona who is supposed to marry lord Farquaad. Farquaad became the reason for the presence of other fairy tale characters' eviction to Shrek's possession. Obviously the mixture of such protagonists leads to numerous humorous situations. It takes a long time to find the princess and the donkey is very tiring...

    It is a fantastic comedy not only for kids but also for adults. It is full of allusions to modern world. We find there excellent animation and honestly it is very realistic. The landscapes draw our attention (they are of course created by the use of computer). We discover there expressive, realistic characters, great animation and 3D graphics. We leave the cinema with only positive and unforgettable impressions.

    The film can be recommended for everybody. It is unacceptable in some circles not to know the film or some parts of the dialogue. It is definitely the best possible cinema. It will satisfy all fans of comedy, animation but also those who do not like this kind of film. I have never met anybody who does not like the film.

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