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Shock Waves (1977)

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  • Written by BS on 15.06.2013

    This is movie about nazis living in the sea. What else can be said? It is the kind of movie you can see while doing other things, that doesn't need your attention to understand what's going on.
    The movie starts with a girl being rescued from a boat in the middle of the sea by a couple of fishermen, and the it changes to another story, being this the story of some people in a little cruise boat.
    There is no sight of the nazi submarine zombies until some troubles makes them sink in an apparently desert island.
    Then's when the good things start.
    Even though it has everything needed to be a great shabby movie (made in the late 70's, nazis -zombie nazis-, the pretty guy and the unresolved sexual tension with the good looking girl...) it was not as good as I expected it to be. Don't misunderstand me, i liked it, because i love this kind of crappy movies, but the living dead nazis weren't as violent as I would be if I would have been living in the ocean for the last years. I think.
    So I would say it is a good movie if you and your friends like this 70's movies and you have nothing else to do. And you can play cards while the movie goes in the back.

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