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Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985)

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  • Written by random12345 on 13.09.2023

    Pee-Wee Herman is one of the most beloved characters that's ever been dreamed up. An incredible performance by the late Paul Reubens, and certainly one of Tim Burtons best work.

    The plot is (very) roughly based on "The Bicycle Thief", in which Pee-Wee Herman has his bike stolen, an must seek it out "In the Basement of the Allomo".

    The jokes hit hard, fast, and still deliver after almost 40 year. The entire audience breaks out into spontaneous laughter for at least half the movie. Reubens has perfected the character of Pee-Wee by this time, and it clearly shows in this movie. You really want to believe the Pee-Wee exists as a real person.

    Extremely silly, extremely funny, and full of jokes on everything from Hollywood itself, to Texas. See this movie if you want to laugh out loud

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