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Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

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  • Written by bueno on 30.03.2012

    Not a lot of people know about this group of brithish comedians, but those who do know them like them quite a bit.

    They have made many movies in addition to their many sketches ans many espisode of their tv show "the flying circus", and they are all very very funny.

    And this movie is no exception, if you have a cristic sense this movie is one for your "must-see" pile.

    It is an umpredictable movie that has many key elements for the sucess achieved, such as knights, a round table, king arthur, terrible warriers in the forest,a monster, a wizard, even a little white bunny and so much more.

    The filming quality is quite good for qhen the movie was made (1975) so don´t go in expecting HD resolution only know you will find many funny things that will make you look for all the other movies from this bunch of guys.

    Don´t forget that you need an open mind to watch this and get ready for a lot of remarkable fun.

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