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Memoria (2021)

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  • Written by zigmul on 06.02.2023

    Memoria is one of the most memorable (ha) experience I've ever had in the theatre. The starting point of the film is that Tilda Swinton's character randomly hears this terrifying booming sound that she describes as a rock falling into a well, if memory serves. We don't know why she hears it or what caused it. Because Apichatpong Weerasethakul is one of the tenants of the "slow cinema" movement, the movie is very long, and composed with long shots that lull you into this transe-like sense of safety - until the sound happens out of nowhere. It's such a smart way to put the spectator in the character's shoes and experience what the she goes through. It made me jump out of my skin every single time. I saw it as a great way to talk about trauma and mental illness without really naming it (although it can be interpreted in many other ways). It's a wonderful movie and a very special experience, and I highly recommend it.

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