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Life of Brian (1979)

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  • Written by swarley_dude on 05.01.2010

    I love british humor, I love Monty Python, and most of all I love making fun of Christianity. The true element of this film is specifically in a sequence where Brian pretends to speak metophorically in the street and quickly gains a following for no intellegent reason. Followed by endless interpretations of a simple man running away from authorities and false testimonies of his divinity. AWESOME.

  • Written by Maaike on 22.08.2009

    What should be said about this great comedy everybody has seen more than once? Trying not to quote from it - which is very hard- I think these are some of the most important facts:
    It's the one movie from which most people know entire scenes from the script by heart. Has been a hit since its release in 1979, although there was some controverse in the beginning: it makes some pungent comments about religion in general, but only if you read between the lines. Oh, and of course there is the little matter of the story rather resembling the life of a Jesus from Nazareth, a contemporary of Brian, born the same day in the stable next door. This was seen as offending by some.

    Arguably the best thing Monty Python ever made, and they made many fine things, both for TV and for the big screen. Still as fresh as it was 30 years ago.

    If you haven't seen it, welcome to our planet! And make sure you do.