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Le roi et l'oiseau(1980)

  • Genre:
    • Romance
    • Animation
    • Family
  • Director:
    • Paul Grimault

The kingdom of Takicardia is ruled by a king Charles V + III = VIII + VIII = XVI. In his apartment, the king dreams of the beautiful shepherdess whose painting he keeps on his wall, but the shepherdess is in love with the chimney sweep portraited on the opposite wall. At night the paintings come to life and attempt to escape from the palace...


Written by Greymatter on 11.08.2009

Le Roi et l'Oiseau or the King and the Mocking Bird is a french animated motion picture by Pault Grimault, hitting the screens in 1980. The movie is based on the tale by Andersen The Chimneysweeper and the Shepherdess. It's his director's most successful movie, winning the Louis Delluc price and ama

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