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L'homme de Rio (1964)

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  • Written by Greymatter on 17.09.2013

    Early 60's, De Broca wanted to make a movie based on the Tintin comic book. How can we blame him ? It was so successful, a young reporter going around the world chasing treasures, ancient artefacts, fake money makers... But for a reason or another, he couldn't have the rights for the adaptation.

    So he worked on some kind of adaptation and it's obvious it's based on Tintin. Three statues holding a secret (remembering both the Broken Ear and Secret of the Unicorn), one guy falling into adventures when he just wanted to go with his girlfriend and following her at the end of the world.

    The action is like neverending, the sequences goes on and on, it never stops ! Going on bike, running, falling from a plane swimming in swamps, swinging vines...Jean Paul Belmondo finds there one of his greatest cast. Mention to Françoise Dorléac, the sister of Catherine Deneuve that will die several years later in a car accident. She's so delightful in her little bourgeoise totally out of the reality.

    More years later, Spielberg will use this film in Raiders of the Lost Ark. France can do awesome movies, give it a go.

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