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It (2017)

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  • It — for It
    Written by HAL9000 on 03.04.2018

    [[ Contains spoilers ]]

    It follows the lives of a group of seven children, who are haunted by terrorising images, they initially prefer not to admit to anyone. As they get together, bit by bit they learn they all have visions based on their fears, manifesting as monsters, gore and old memories troubling them again.

    While learning the town has been troubled by high amounts of unexplained gruesome events before, they find no real support from adults in their concern. They discover the evil comes in many shapes, but the apparition as a clown is what its famous for.

    Together they conspire to fight and destroy IT, to prevent this from ever happening again, to themselves or others.

    (The original film also has a part about their lives as adults, the 2017 remake doesn't)

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