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Die unendliche Geschichte (1984)

A list of the main characters from Die unendliche Geschichte. You can write a short Description of your favourite Characters or upload some cool Stills.

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  • Bastian

    A young boy with a large imagination. He takes the Neverending Story from Mr. Koreander...

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  • Bastian's Father

    Bastian's widowed, workaholic father who worries about Bastian's inattentive behaviour ...

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  • Atreyu

    A warrior from the Plains People, who along with his horse, Artax, is sent to search fo...

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  • The Childlike Empress

    The ruler of Fantasia who has fallen deathly ill due to the presence of the Nothing.

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  • Carl Conrad Koreander

    A bookstore owner whom Bastian meets. He forbids Bastian from taking the Neverending St...

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  • Teeny Weeny

    A messenger riding on a racing snail.

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Die unendliche Geschichte Characters