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Christopher Robin (2018)

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  • Written by Greymatter on 26.01.2019

    I didn't expect much of this movie.

    And yet, it punched me in the guts, right in the feels. Christopher Robin (Jean-Christophe in french) is now a grown-up man, married and father of a little girl, stifled in a business company. His work is overwhelming him, neglecting his own family. And then, the past knock at his door. Pooh is coming to visit his old friend. All of his friends are missing, the Hundred Acre Wood is all dark...But everything will change soon.

    It's all about the childhood. How much someone can forgot about being a child and the joy he was experiencing once, when all what matter was to play with toys and friends. Even if you're still like a total bitter and boring grown man, sometimes, it only takes a litle thing to throw you back and memories comes to hit you like a truck.

    Critics have been very average overall but I said this movie is great. It's not Citizen Kane, it's not North by Northwest. It's just about an adult finding himself back. A red balloon, a toy, an old tree, candy...or Winnie the Pooh.

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